In an effort to provide the highest quality of emergency assistance to the residents of Roseville and meet the challenges of a growing city, the Technical Rescue Team was organized under the Special Operations Division of the Roseville Fire Department. 

Rescue Team Training
The Technical Rescue Team members receive California State-certified instruction in:

  • confined space rescue
  • trench rescue
  • emergency building shoring
  • high angle rope rescue
  • vehicle extrication
  • tower rescue
  • and swift-water rescue

The team members staff the Special Operations Unit which has been typed by the State Office of Emergency Services as an "Medium Urban" Search and Rescue Apparatus.

This select group of approximately thirty personnel that comprise this team are trained to deal with technical rescue incidents that might overwhelm personnel that are not specially equipped or trained.

Team members participate in weeks of initial training and then must continue to perform in-service training in all of these specialized disciplines to maintain proficiency. In-service training includes:

  • rescue of victims in below-grade shafts and vaults
  • actual trench rescue operations where yards of soil must be moved and shoring systems must be installed
  • dive rescue of mannequins in actual ponds and waterways
  • high angle rope rescue operations from electrical transmission towers in excess of 100' in height
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