The Roseville Fire Department is an all-risk department, providing the highest level of emergency service possible to our customers.

The department operates out of eight (8) strategically located fire stations.The fire stations are located with the goal of having a apparatus arrive at a location within 6-1/2 minutes after a request to 911 is made.

Each of our eight stations houses a fire engine which is our most versatile apparatus in the fleet. This is the apparatus that carries water and the equipment we use to put out most small fires. It also carries the equipment our paramedics use to treat victims of medical emergencies. Each fire engine has a Captain who supervises the assigned personnel, an Engineer that drives the truck and operates the fire pump, and a Firefighter-paramedic whose job is to perform firefighting and life-saving skills.

Two of our fire stations house a fire truck in addition to a fire engine. A fire-truck is our rolling tool-box, carrying a variety of specialized tools. For example, a fire-truck carries the jaws-of-life, which are the tools that help us free victims that may become trapped in or under a vehicle during an automobile accident. The fire truck also carries additional ladders which allow us to access high places; including the hydraulically operated 100’ aerial ladder. A ladder truck is staffed with a Captain, an Engineer, and two Firefighter-paramedics.

In several of our fire stations, we also have smaller wildland fire-engines. The wildland fire-engines are designed to operate off-road, which is often required when fighting wildland fires.

The department also has a Battalion Chief located at Fire Station 1 and Station 9. The Battalion Chief's job is to command major incidents, coordinating the required activities to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and as safely as possible in addition to day to day operations for their assigned shift.