Location and Hours

The Fire Department's administrative headquarters is located at:

316 Vernon Street, Suite 480
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 774-5800

Business Hours:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday
(Except all State and Federal Holidays)

The Roseville Fire Department currently operates eight fire stations

Fire Chief Rick Bartee rbartee@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5800
Assistant Chief - Operations Greg James gjames@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5806
Assistant Chief - Support Services Brian Diemer bdiemer@roseville.ca.us (916) 746-1392
Administrative Analyst Katrina Rostam krostam@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5848
Administrative Assistant Natalie Rickman nrickman@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5897
Administrative Technician Jenny Neeley jneeley@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5849
Office Assistant II Jeannette Wise jwise@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5818
Public Information Officer Jaime Garrett jgarrett@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5808

Division Chief - EMS/Training David Dolson ddolson@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5807
Battalion Chief - Fire Training Matt Lauchner mlauchner@roseville.ca.us (916) 746-4749
EMS Quality Assurance Manager Trent Waechter twaechter@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5807
Administrative Battalion Chief      
A Shift - Battalion Chief Rich Harlan rharlan@roseville.ca.us (916) 746-4720
B Shift - Battalion Chief Brian Schwalbe bschwalbe@roseville.ca.us (916) 746-5803
C Shift - Battalion Chief      
Fire & Life Safety
Division Chief - Fire & Life Safety Jason Rizzi jrizzi@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5802
Fire Inspection Supervisor      
Fire Inspection Supervisor
Pat Chew pchew@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5823
Fire Inspector II
Jeff Ingolia jingolia@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5890
Fire & Environmental Safety Inspector II
Matthew Walling mwalling@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5832
Fire & Environmental Safety Inspector I            Chris Salter
(916) 774-5847
Fire & Environmental Safety Inspector I Brock Pruter bhpruter@roseville.ca.us (916) 774-5889
Public Education Coordinator      
Public Education Coordinator
Jeff Petersen
(916) 774-5838

Request an Incident Report
To request a fire incident report, contact the Roseville Fire Department and complete an Incident Report Request form. On the form you will provide the date, time, and location of each occurrence. Fire personnel will provide a report number to be used to complete the form.

A fire incident report fee of $10.00 will apply which can be paid by cash, credit card, or check payable to the City of Roseville.