The Roseville Fire Department's Hazardous Material Team is part of the department's Special operations Division. The team members are all Roseville firefighters that have been trained as Hazardous Materials Technicians and Specialists.

HazmatTypes of Incidents
The Type 1 Hazmat Team responds to over 100 hazardous materials incidents each year. Incidents vary in complexity and hazard from small spills of vehicle fluids, paint products, or other household consumer products, to large releases of industrial chemicals that pose a major hazard to life, environment and property. Sometimes unknown products are illegally dumped or spilled on city streets or private property. We also respond to intentional acts meant to terrorize the general public or individuals.


HazmatTools & Training
The team uses a host of specialized tools and equipment to provide the highest level of protection to the citizens of Roseville and the surrounding area. Special vapor tight suits are worn by team members when responding to incidents involving hazardous vapors including, but not limited to chlorine gas or ammonia. The team has monitoring equipment for combustible vapors, deadly gasses, biological materials, corrosives, radioactive materials, biological and chemical weapons, pepper spray and more. We can also identify the hazardous properties of unknown chemicals using a field identification process which many times allows us to name the material, too.


We have a mobile weather station that works in conjunction with a computer database and plume-modeling program to help team members forecast where hazardous clouds of chemicals will travel. This capability helps responders warn the public in times of danger through evacuation or shelter-in-place orders. These public notifications can be made from the field in a variety of ways. We have the ability to activate the warning siren system located in the UP railroad yard, to use the automated phone dialer where calls can be placed by a computer to warn the public, and we can transmit on 530AM radio, all from the Battalion Chief's vehicle. We also have the ability to add information to the City of Roseville Emergency Information Phone Line (916) 774-5812.


Hazmat Hazardous Materials Team members receive over 200 hours of initial training to get certified to respond to hazmat incidents. Team members maintain competency by participating in continuing education each month. All team members undergo an annual physical exam for their health and safety.

The Roseville Fire Department's mission, vision and values guide the Hazmat Team's focus and performance.