Get a Handle on Leaks!  
Want to save up to 10% on your water bill?
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Even a small leak can cause BIG problems.
There are many ways to detect if you have a leak. The most common sources of interior leaks are your toilets and faucets.

water meter

Do you have a leak?
Take a look at your past bill in the months of January or February. Did you use over 12,000 gallons? BEWARE: SERIOUS LEAKS!

Turn off any water being used in your house or in your landscape. Take a look at your water meter near the street and see if your low flow indicator is spinning. If so, you have a leak. Check out this video to see what a low flow indicator looks like.

Water Meter and Leaks

Now, let's find out where you're leaking!
• Do you see leaks anywhere? Do you feel or see water slowly seeping or leaking where it shouldn't?
• Is our toilet running all the time? Does it run when you aren't using it?
• Is there constantly a wet or muddy spot in your yard?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it's time to investigate because you have a leak!

Water Conservation Video
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