Roseville Police Department's Business Connect Small Business Seminar

RPD understands when a small business is a victim of crime or workplace violence, it can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Through our Business Connect program, we invite Roseville small business owners and managers to attend Small Business Crime Prevention Seminars.

The seminars are scheduled as needed and are advertised via social media and City news sites.

Why should I do this?

The Roseville Police Business Academy is designed to teach members of the Roseville business community about crime prevention techniques, how to report crimes, and how to collaborate with the police to reduce opportunities for crime against your business.

The academy provides information that both employees and owners can use daily to protect businesses from crime. The goal is to create a collaborative engagement with the business community and make Roseville a safer place to live, work and shop.

Who can go?
Participants must be at least 18 years old, and must own or work in a Roseville business. While any Roseville business person is welcome, the academy is especially geared toward small businesses that don't have professional loss prevention services.

What's it about?
Topics will include community policing, social services, protecting yourself and others during an active shooter incident, security and technology, drugs in the workplace, credit card fraud and counterfeit money, and what to do if you or your business becomes a victim of crime.

How much does it cost?
It's free for our Roseville business community members, and we hope it will help you reduce or eliminate crime-related losses.

I still have questions....
 For more information, call the Police Department's Community Services Unit, (916)774-5050

Here's what previous academy attendees had to say. 

"This academy was well designed for business owners and included valuable information from the Police perspective that will help our businesses operate more wisely and safely for our employees and guests. I'd highly recommend it for any business owner in the county". -Scott Alvord

"For small businesses that cannot afford Loss Prevention personnel, the Academy was great to educate and create awareness".

"I appreciate the Roseville Police Department for reaching out to local businesses. The Roseville Police Business Academy was not only informative, but it helped to create strong relationships between businesses in our community and provided valuable tips that can be implemented in our facility".