The Fire Prevention Division provides comprehensive fire plan check and inspection services. These services apply to both new construction and existing occupancies throughout the City of Roseville.

New Construction

Fire Plan Check

  • Plans are reviewed for compliance with the applicable fire and life safety regulations, codes and ordinances. The Fire Department is primarily responsible for reviewing all civil improvement plans for fire apparatus access and water supply, as well as all fire protection systems.
  • Our plan check turn around time goal is 4 weeks, 80% of the time.
Construction Inspections
  • Fire inspectors perform the technical field inspection for all construction projects. Inspections can be scheduled by fax or directly with your district inspector.
Water Supply Information
  • The Fire Prevention Division works closely with the Water Division of the Environmental Utilities Department. The Water Division maintains all water model information related to public fire hydrants. The Fire Department assists with field hydrant flow testing, as necessary.

Existing Occupancies

Target Hazard Inspections

Target Hazard Inspections

  • The Fire Department manages a comprehensive annual fire and life safety inspection program. The annual inspection program encompasses the following occupancies: apartments, hotels, condominiums, public assemblies, schools, residential care facilities, convalescent care homes, hospitals and large family day care facilities. Many industrial occupancies are included in our CUPA Program. All other occupancies are inspected on a frequency as determined by the Fire Chief.
Hazardous Materials/Waste Inspections Hazardous Materials/Waste Inspections (CUPA)
  • The Roseville Fire Department serves as a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA). View more information about the CUPA Program.

View a complete listing of occupancies and activities that require a Fire Department Permit and the corresponding fees.

The primary contact for additional information is:

Jason M. Rizzi
Division Chief / Fire Marshal
(916) 774-5802

Go to the Ordinances & Standards page and Forms, Permits and Fees for documents that you might find useful during any of the processes.