We keep Roseville's water flowing

Delivering high-quality and reliable water resources to your home and business is what we do.  Our water supply utility distributes drinking water to nearly 130,000 residents, thousands of businesses and millions of visitors.

To distribute drinking water reliably, we:

  • operate a 100 million gallon per day treatment plant
  • maintain 600 miles of pipes, 4,500 hydrants, three water tanks that equal 20 million gallons of water
  • manage active groundwater well program and used when needed

If you have questions about your water supply, please contact us at (916) 774-5750.

Help with your service

If you have questions about your water service, we're here for you. 

  • New service/Change in service: (916) 774-5780
  • Issues with your water service including emergencies: (916) 774-5750

Water quality

Water quality reports
Each year, we test water supplies to make sure they meet and exceed water quality standards.   Get the latest test results

Fluoride information
Roseville adds fluoride to drinking water in accordance with the current law and regulations, enforced by California Department of Public Health. Read on for more information.

Water efficiency and rebates

There's never enough water to waste.  That's why we have a team of efficiency staff to help answer questions and provide rebates and other services to keep help keep water use as efficient as possible.

Hydrant permits

Contractors that need a hydrant permit need to fill out an application and pay associated fees. 

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Current and future water supplies

Part of our charge is to keep pace with growing demands and ensuring that our water resources remain sustainable.

Urban Water Management Plan

Cross connection and backflow prevention program

The City of Roseville requires annual testing of backflow prevention devices installed on water service lines for commercial/domestic use, irrigation and fire sprinklers to eliminate actual or potential cross connections into the public water supply.


Folsom Lake
Folsom Reservoir is where we obtain water resources for our community. We convey water from the lake to our water treatment facility in Granite Bay.  From there, it's gravity fed to homes and businesses in Roseville.