Top 5 irrigation issues to keep an eye on this spring

Updated May 06, 2024
Our landscapes gulp down a significant portion of our water usage. By giving your Irrigation system regular check-ups and optimizing its performance, you can ensure efficient water usage drop by drop. Here's what to watch out for:

1. Faulty components: Make it a monthly habit to run your system zone by zone, scanning for any damaged parts. Replace them promptly when you spot them.

2. Clogged nozzles: Debris-like dirt, grass clippings, and twigs can obstruct sprinkler nozzles and drip heads, causing uneven watering.

3. Misaligned sprinklers: Stroll around your yard and inspect for sprinklers dousing your hardscape, driveway, or home. Keeping water off your home will reduce wear and prevent run-off.

4. Leaky connections: If you observe a non-functioning sprinkler or drip emitters and notice a sizable wet or soggy patch in your yard, there might be a broken line or leak.

5. Excessive runoff: Check for water leaving your property. If there is excess water, turn trim down your sprinkler runtime and simply add more start times to achieve needed totals (cycle & soak).

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