Be careful when driving in a school zone

Updated August 02, 2019
Be careful when driving in a school zone

For many Roseville families August means the start of the school year

It’s August and for many Roseville families that means the start of another school year.  Traffic can get a little hectic around schools during this time of the year.  Therefore, it is important for drivers to slow down and pay attention when driving near schools. Also, if you are driving your child to or from school, make sure you know the drop-off procedures and allow extra time for the added traffic.  It is no surprise that more children are hit by cars near schools than at any other location. 

If you are driving near a school when children are present, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • ALWAYS obey school zone speed limits.California Vehicle Code § 22352 covers speed limits in a school zone. When driving within 500 to 1,000 feet of a school while children are outside or crossing the street, the speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted. This is regardless of the day of the week or time of day.


  • Watch out for school buses and their flashing red lights.California Vehicle Code §22454(a) prohibits a driver from passing a school bus when the bus is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading school children and the bus displays flashing red lights and/or a stop signal arm. Drivers must remain stopped until the flashing red signal and/or stop signal arm are no longer displayed. This applies to both motorists following a school bus and drivers approaching a school bus from the opposite direction on a two-lane road. This does not apply to motorists traveling in the opposite direction of a school bus, if the road has two or more lanes traveling in the same direction.
  • If you drive near a high school near the beginning or end of the school day, keep in mind that a higher number of motorists are newly licensed teenage drivers who may not have as much driving knowledge and skill.Also, watch out for pedestrians.Research from SafeKids Worldwide found that one in five high school students were crossing the streGirl with crossing gardet while talking or texting on a cell phone. The study also found that 39% of teens were wearing headphones while crossing the street. If you have a high school student, make sure you talk with him/her on the dangers of distracted walking.


  • Be careful at crosswalks.Double check those intersections.Just when you think the coast is clear, a child may appear from nowhere and dart across the street.Make sure to make a full stop at stop signs.This will give you ample time to make sure the crosswalk is clear before proceeding.

Kids can be unpredictable, so it is important to be attentive when driving near schools.  Put down the cell phone and other electronics, and give driving your full attention.  Let’s make sure all children arrive and return safely from school.