Advocating Roseville’s interests at the state and federal level

Updated February 26, 2018
Each year, thousands of new bills and regulations make their way through government at the state and federal levels. They could significantly affect the safety in our neighborhoods, the quality of our infrastructure, the cost of our utility rates, and the privacy of our information.

Advocating on legislation and regulations that affect you is one of the City Council’s top priorities. Council recently approved our 2018 Legislative Platform which guides our advocacy efforts at the state of federal levels. It’s an important way we keep the interests of our community top-of-mind among legislators and regulators.

Our focus is always on maintaining local control, ensuring that the City receives appropriate and full funding for services or benefits we’re required to provide, protecting revenues, and promoting financial flexibility to address issues.

Key topics for Roseville this year include: public safety issues related to opioid abuse, affordable housing and homelessness, affordable and reliable water and power, infrastructure funding, cybersecurity, and funding services and programs at our parks and libraries.

In addition to monthly meetings here in Roseville with our state and federal representatives, we spend time at the state capitol and in Washington DC throughout the year. We meet with legislators on key committees that weigh legislation affecting our community. We also meet with federal agencies such as the Veterans Administration, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Relationships we build increase our effectiveness.

Advocacy efforts have saved the city millions of dollars, saved ratepayers millions of dollars, and brought more funding to address housing and infrastructure needs in our community.

Often legislation is written without a complete understanding of how it affects various facets of our society. With Roseville’s close proximity to the State Capitol, we regularly offer our expertise in a variety of industries from public safety, transportation, and parks, to electric, water, and land use as we meet with decision-makers and testify on these matters. The effort has paid off. In many instances, we’ve been able to help reshape legislation to minimize adverse effects on our city.

The City Council’s Law & Regulation Committee meets monthly and its meetings are televised and streamed online. We also raise awareness through our e-newsletters and meetings with community partners, including the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce, Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, industry associations, and regional organizations.

The shifting legislative and regulatory environment is proving more challenging than ever. Increasing uncertainty demands a high degree of vigilance as the City of Roseville prioritizes legislative advocacy in the best interests of our residents and businesses.

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