EV Expierence

It's a great time to drive an EV.  

Savings, convenience, and a positive impact on the environment - all good reasons to charge ahead with the purchase of an electric vehicle (EV).

Ev's are a critical step toward reducing pollution and, when you factor in fuel and maintenance savings, they can actually be cheaper than gas powered cars. Since Roseville Electric Utility's electricity is cheaper than gas, charging your car is like paying less than a dollar for a gallon of gas. 

  Charge Ahead Roseville

Explore PlugStar today and find the vehicle that is right for you.  

Our new online tool helps make electric vehicle shopping easy. PlugStar helps you find the EV that best meets your needs and gets you connected with a qualified EV dealer near you. 

PlugStar link

We offer rebates for the purchase of used electric vehicles, electric vehicle level II chargers, and panel replacements. 

We also have our EV 4 Everyone program for income-qualified residents for new and used electric vehicles, level II chargers, and panel replacements.