A Roseville Community Success Story

Locomotive 2252The relocation of the Southern Pacific No. 2252 steam locomotive to Downtown Roseville was a huge success. This success is something that the City is particularly proud of because it was directly achieved through the efforts of the entire community. When faced with the challenge of planning and funding the move of a 107-year old, 100-ton steam locomotive it was local residents, business owners, developers, and the Roseville Historical Society that combined to rise to the task.

During the 1956 "Cinderama" celebration, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Southern Pacific Locomotive 2252(SP) Railroad relocation to Roseville, SP donated a retired steam locomotive to the community. The 2252, after nearly sixty years of freight and fire-fighting service, was placed on display at the Placer County Fairgrounds. Although it remained a part of the Roseville landscape over the next five decades it gradually began to show the effects of time.

In 2001, the Community Coalition for the Relocation of the 2252 was formed when a planned expansion at the Fairgrounds made it necessary to consider options for relocating the locomotive. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Coalition, the Roseville Historical Society, the City of Roseville, the Placer County Fair Board of Directors and the community an agreement was reached to place the 2252 on permanent display at the confluence of Atlantic and Vernon Streets in Downtown Roseville.

This was only the beginning of the process. For an in-depth review of the relocation check out the:

SNAP SHOTS: Special 2252 Issue, November 2004

The following pictorially demonstrates the transformation of this wonderful piece of Roseville History.

Refurbishment, Repainting, and Relocation
Watch a slide show of the 2252 being prepped, painted, and moved by clicking here

On Display in Downtown Roseville
Locomotive 2252

Locomotive 2252

Locomotive 2252

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