The Special Operations Unit consists of four specially trained teams responsible for responding to critical incidents within the City and region including the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), the Rapid Containment Team (RCT), the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD), and the Critical Incident Negotiations Team (CINT). For most critical incidents, all four teams respond together to bring the incident to conclusion. Assignment to the Special Operations Unit is a collateral assignment so every team members has a full time assignment in another area of the Department and responds as part of the Special Operations Unit during critical incidents.

The Roseville-Rocklin Regional SWAT Team responds to critical incidents in the cities of Roseville and Rocklin and includes officers from the Roseville and Rocklin Police Departments as well as tactical paramedics from the Roseville and Rocklin Fire Departments. Regional SWAT responds to critical incidents that have grown beyond the response capabilities of other Department units including barricaded suspects, high risk warrant services, active shooter incidents, and other rapidly evolving critical incidents. SWAT trains extensively in tactics, marksmanship, and other skills required to respond effectively to critical incidents. SWAT deploys on average eight to ten times per year to handle critical incidents in our cities.


RCT is a quick reaction team designed to immediately deploy to a critical incident while other resources are being readied for use. RCT bolsters the Patrol response and contains the perimeter of an incident while SWAT is being deployed to the scene. RCT is also trained in dignitary protection for helping protect visiting dignitaries and is trained in crowd control response.


The Roseville-Rocklin Regional EOD Unit responds to suspected explosive devices in the cities of Roseville and Rocklin as well as throughout our region. EOD officers are highly trained, including spending six weeks at the FBI Bomb Tech School in Alabama to receive their initial EOD certification. The EOD Unit maintains several pieces of specialized equipment, including robots, to render safe potential explosive devices. EOD responds on average twenty-five to thirty times per year for suspected explosive devices in our cities.


CINT consists of a group of officers specially trained to negotiate with subjects in an attempt to gain their compliance. CINT members work to establish communications with persons, usually during a barricaded suspect incident, to gain their peaceful surrender to bring an incident to conclusion. CINT members come from the Roseville and Rocklin Police Departments as well as liaisons from the FBI negotiator team.

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