Connecting Transit Services

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Placer County Transit (PCT)
Fixed Route & Dial-A-Ride: (916) or (530) 745-7560, TDD: (888)745-7885
Commuter: (916) 784-6177, TDD (530) 745-8732

Placer County Transit provides bus service in south Placer County outside of Roseville.
Roseville Transit connects with PCT at the Louis/Orlando and Galleria Transfer Points.

Sacramento Regional Transit (Sac RT)
(916) 321-2877 or TDD (916) 483-4327
Sacramento Regional Transit operates local bus service and light rail service throughout the greater Sacramento County area.

Roseville Transit Local Service connects with Sac RT at the Louis/Orlando Transfer Point near the Placer/Sacramento County line. Roseville Transit Commuter Service connects to Sac RT in downtown Sacramento.

Additional Area Transit Services

Auburn Transit
Serves the City of Auburn
(916) or (530) 745-7560, TDD: (888) 745-7885  

Paratransit, Inc.
Serves Sacramento County
(916) 429-2415

Train Service

Capitol Corridor
Amtrak Capitol Corridor partners with Roseville Transit to offer a joint ticketing service. Roseville Transit connects with Capitol Corridor at the Roseville Intermodal Station at 201 Pacific Street (map it).

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