As part of the City of Roseville’s Flood Warning System, the City has numerous stream and rain gauges at strategic locations throughout the Dry Creek and Pleasant Grove Creek drainage basins.

Roseville's Flood Warning System is designed to provide residents with up to a three hour advance warning of flooding within the city’s flood hazard areas. However, flooding can occur quickly and without much prior warning. Please follow the instructions and warnings as they are given, rather than delaying to see if flooding actually occurs.

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Flood Warning Response and Notification.

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Public Works - Engineering
Floodplain Management
311 Vernon Street
Phone: (916) 746-1300
TDD: (916) 774-5220

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Stream Gauge Legend

No color displayed: Little or no water in stream

NORMAL - Blue: Conditions are normal and safe.

ADVISORY – Green: City staff are continuously monitoring creek levels and weather conditions. Residents should be closely watching for further information about flooding in their area.

WARNING – Yellow: There may be a possibility of flooding in this area. Necessary precautions need to be taken to secure personal property and safety.

CRITICAL – Red: Flooding appears imminent in this area. Residents should evacuate their homes.

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