Learn how Roseville prioritizes road maintenance

What we maintain and repair 

Roseville uses a computerized pavement management application to assist in determining when streets may need a maintenance treatment or rehabilitation. 

Public Works: 

  • Removes and replaces alligatored and deteriorated asphalt.

  • Patches deficiencies and corrects other street surface problems.

  • Crack seals street surfaces.

  • Removes and replaces curbs, gutters and sidewalks where needed to improve drainage and remove hazards.

  • Corrects street iron like manholes. 

View more information about current and future roadway resurfacing projects. 


Parking lot maintenance of City-owned lots
We apply a maintenance seal to the pavement of all City-owned parking lots on a seven year rotation, or as needed. We also sweep, stripe the lots, and maintain the curbs.