Proposed Annual Budget FY2024-25
City of Roseville FY2024-25 Proposed Annual Budget Now Available

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The City's Finance Department, Budget Division, produces the budget document that is approved annually by the City Council.

This document appropriates resources to meet the direction of the City's mission, vision, values, goals and the community’s priorities. The budget balances the planned expenditures with the projected revenues.

Historical budget documents can be found here:

City Budget Documents and Reports
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The City’s budget is a plan that allocates available resources to meet the direction of the City’s mission, vision, values and the community’s priorities. The budget balances the planned expenditures with the projected revenues. See below for the budget documents available online and a description of the budget process.

The Budget Process:

Budget Cycle Graphic


Annual Budget Review:
Departments submit preliminary budget requests, personnel requests, operational performance measurements, and capital improvement projects (CIP) to the Finance Department in February/March. During this time all revenue sources are projected. Budget staff reviews departmental requests and compiles the Preliminary Budget. Review sessions with departments are conducted prior to the proposed budget being prepared. Individual meetings with each department are held with the City Manager, Finance Director and budget staff. Programs, projects and staffing are reviewed in these sessions and approval is dependent on available funding, compliance with city policies and City Manager recommendations.

Proposed Budget:
Recommendations and revisions from departmental review sessions are incorporated in the Proposed Budget. The City Charter requires the budget to be submitted to the City Council no later than the first Council meeting in June.

Council Review/Public Hearings:
During the month of June, City Council reviews the Proposed Budget and conducts public hearings; public requests and concerns are addressed during this time. Any Council recommendations are incorporated into the final budget document.

Council Adoption:
By City Charter the City Council adopts the Annual Budget prior to June 30.

Mid Year Review:
The mid year review is a detailed analysis of all City revenue and expenditure line items during the current fiscal year. The Mid Year Report is published and distributed to the City Council, staff, and the general public for consideration during the month of February each year. The mid year financial analysis provides the financial start point for next year’s budget. City Council conducts a Budget Workshop in February or March. The workshop provides an opportunity for departments to report on current year accomplishments and fiscal year goals. Council provides general direction to City staff at this time. The community has an opportunity to address Council and staff during this workshop.

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