- Updated as of August 2022

Welcome to the City of Roseville retiree information page. This site will provide timely and relevant information to you, our retirees. Please check back regularly and often.

See below for the max 2023 City reimbursement amounts for Retiree Medical. If you have questions related to your Election, Tier, or Percentage of City contribution please email [email protected] and your question will be answered within three business days.

For CalPERS plan rates visit: Retiree Plans & Rates - CalPERS 

2023 Reimbursement Amounts


% of City Contribution

City Medical Contribution Limit

PEMHCA Minimum

2% Escalator









Contact a Payroll Representative at [email protected] or 916-746-1280.


Updates to your address, contact information, direct deposit, and how you receive your statements should be updated by completing this form: Direct Deposit - Change of address form for Retirees 

CalPERS has set the Minimum Employer Contribution amount for 2023 at $151.00 per month. The Minimum Employer Contribution amount is prescribed by Government Code Section 22892 of the Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act (PEMHCA). The City of Roseville contracts with CalPERS to pay the PEMHCA minimum health premium contribution for participating active employees and eligible retirees. The set amount is annually adjusted and must be paid by the employer to CalPERS directly.

What does this mean for eligible retirees? The $151.00 is included in the maximum amount the City contributes each month towards medical insurance premiums. For example, if your medical plan costs $900 then the City will send the PEMHCA minimum amount to CalPERS where it is applied towards the $900. The remaining amount (900-PEMCHA minimum) is reimbursed to the retiree.

Please use the above contact information if you have questions.

Refer to the CalPERS 
website for full details, open enrollment questions or to make changes to your medical benefits.