What types of jobs are available with the City of Roseville?

To view our job openings, please visit our website at www.roseville.ca.us/jobs.  Our site is updated daily as positions open or close. You can apply directly online for open positions. 
For a complete list of city jobs and job specifications, please visit our Job Specification page.

How do I apply for a job with the City of Roseville?

Applications are only accepted for positions that are open for recruitment. All of our job openings are posted on our website at www.roseville.ca.us/jobs. The job requirements and the application process are listed on all job announcements.

Some recruitments are listed as promotional and are only available to current regular/benefitted city employees.

For some jobs, only a limited number of applications are accepted. This limit will be listed on the announcement.  Many positions close quickly and it is to your advantage to submit an application as soon as possible.

It is a great idea to keep a copy of the application materials you submit to our office, as well as a copy of the job announcement to assist you in preparing for the testing/interview process. 

Information regarding our selection process is available here:  Roseville Selection Process.

Can I leave my resume or application on file for a job that I’m interested in?

We do not accept resumes in lieu of a completed application and we only accept applications for positions we are currently recruiting for.

I know the job is closed, but can I submit my application anyway?

After a recruitment has closed we will no longer accept any applications for the position.

How can I tell if I'm qualified for the position I want to apply for?

Each job announcement lists the minimum qualifications. Read the requirements carefully to see how they match up to your education and/or experience. The position may require college course work, a specific amount of experience, a license or certificate or a set of knowledge and abilities in a specific area. Based on your knowledge and experience, you should be able to determine whether you meet the requirements of the position. If in doubt, submit your application and the Human Resources Department will determine whether or not you meet the requirements.

Do I get extra points in a recruitment for a job opening if I am a veteran and/or disabled?

Veteran’s points are given for entry-level positions only and are given at the end of the recruitment process. Five percent (5%) of your overall score is added to your score and if the final score puts you in the top 5 ranks, your name will be certified to the department along with the top 5 ranks. No score shall actually be changed and no new rank shall be created as a result of application of veteran’s preference for certification purposes.  In order to receive Veteran's Preference points, you must check the box on the application and submit a copy of your DD-214 when you submit your application. You can attach your DD-214 electronically to the application, e-mail it to Human Resources at [email protected] or fax it to 916-774-5350.  Please reference the position you are applying for.  We must receive it by the recruitment closing date.

No points are given for disabled persons.

How does the City verify education and the accreditation of colleges and universities?

Each job posting provides minimum qualifications as outlined to include experience and training guidelines and any additional professional certifications or licenses.

For positions that require an Associate’s degree or a required number of units, you will be required to provide college transcripts within 7 business days upon a contingent job offer.

For positions that require a Bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited college or university, the City of Roseville will perform an education verification step as part of the pre-employment steps upon a contingent job offer.

The City of Roseville defines “accredited college or university” as an institution of higher learning and must be listed on the United States Department of Education Database of Accredited Post-Secondary Institutions and Programs website http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation. Credits earned from colleges, universities, and institutions listed as accredited institutions on this website will be considered as part of the educational component of the minimum qualifications for a classification.

I received my degree from outside the United States. How do I verify it is equivalent to the required degree on the job announcement?

The following options apply to the evaluation of college degrees from countries outside the United States:

  • Educational background from a foreign country may be evaluated by an accredited United States college or university listed on the U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Post-Secondary Institutions and Programs website.
  • Verification of degree equivalency may be obtained from organizations that provide foreign education credential evaluation services. The City of Roseville will accept verification from any of the listed member agencies found at www.naces.org or www.aice-eval.org.
  • A copy of the foreign credential evaluation verification can be attached to the employment application.
  • If you are offered a position with the City of Roseville, as a part of the pre-employment steps, applicants must provide a foreign degree credential equivalency certificate from an approved member agency above.  Applicants who do not provide verification will be eliminated from further consideration.
  • It is the responsibility of each applicant to prove to the satisfaction of the City that the applicant meets specific education requirements listed on the job announcement. This explanation has been developed for informational purposes only and does not guarantee that an applicant meets the requirements of the job. If you require further clarification regarding this information, please contact our Human Resources Department at (916) 774-5475.

Must I live within the city boundaries to apply for a job with the City of Roseville?

It is not necessary to live in the City of Roseville to work for the city.

What is the selection process like if I apply for a position with the City of Roseville?

The City of Roseville is a great place to work and we seek dedicated, well-trained employees to serve the public.  Our selection process varies depending on the type of recruitment we are conducting.  Information regarding our selection process for Regular/Benefitted positions, is available here: Roseville Selection Process  
Human Resources does not typically conduct testing or interviews for Temporary/ Seasonal recruitments. Applications are reviewed to the most qualified and the hiring department interviews or conducts the recruitment process for Temporary/Seasonal positions.

How do I prepare for a written exam? What do I study?

All tests are job-related and test the knowledge, skills and abilities required on the job. To prepare, read the job description on the job announcement, study the material you feel would directly or indirectly relate to the necessary knowledge, skills or abilities. For example, if two of the requirements for a position are performing mathematical calculations and interpreting regulations, some of the exam questions will probably cover math and reading comprehension.  Your local library may be a great resource for exam preparation materials.

What happens after I complete a recruitment process or examination?

Examination results with information on the next steps will be mailed or emailed to you. If you pass all phases of the recruitment process you will be placed on an eligibility list in order of your final score. Normally, the top five ranks on the eligibility list will be certified to the requesting department.
The department will review application materials for the top five ranks and will set up selection interviews. The department can hire any eligible candidate referred to them.

How long is the employment/eligibility list in effect?

Employment lists are in effect for a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years depending on the position. If you have a change of address, phone number, or name please contact the Human Resources Department at (916) 774-5475 so we can update the eligibility list in case of an opening.

How can I find out about volunteer opportunities in the Roseville Area?

You can check our website at www.roseville.ca.us/jobs, which is updated monthly, or you can call the City of Roseville Volunteer Center at (916) 774-5209, and we will send you a complete packet of volunteer opportunities in the Roseville area.

How can I volunteer for the City of Roseville?

If you would like to volunteer for the City of Roseville, please visit our website at www.roseville.ca.us/jobs for available City volunteer opportunities. For volunteer opportunities with local non-profit groups, please visit www.myvolunteerpage.com.  If you find something of interest, you can fill out the Volunteer Application available on the website or contact the agency you are interested in volunteering with directly.  

How do I file a claim against the City for damages?

To file a claim against the City for damages you must fill out a Government Claim form and deliver it to the City Clerk's office.  A form is available online here:   Government Claim Form. 

It is also available at the Risk Management office in the Human Resources Department located in the Civic Center at 311 Vernon Street, second floor,  or at the City Clerk's office located on the mezzanine level of the Civic Center.