Environmental Utilities proudly provides Roseville residents and businesses with water, wastewater, waste services (trash and recycling), and recycled water services. For help with your utility service, including starting or stopping service, requesting a service request, have a water or wastewater emergency, or needing to speak to a utility employee, pick from an option below.
Hand in water


Your water utility provides water services for most homes and businesses in the City of Roseville.
  • New service/Change in service: (916) 774-5300
  • Issues with your water service including water leaks, water pressure, interruptions, water quality concerns or after-hour emergencies: (916) 774-5750
  • Water efficiency or call (916) 774-5761
Dry Creek Wastewater Plant


Your wastewater utility provides sewer service by  purifying the water that leaves your home before it's discharged to local creeks or used for beneficial purposes to irrigate landscapes.

  • New service/Change in service: (916) 774-5300.
  • Issues with your sewer service including emergencies/sewer overflows: (916) 774-5750
  • Sewer maintenance tips
Greenwaste truck

Trash and recycling

Your waste services provides trash, recycling and greenwaste services to residences and businesses. To connect to the services you need, please select from the following: