September-December Experience PRL Magazine

September - December Experience PRL magazine 

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Registration begins at 8:00am on Tuesday, August 10.

We have launched a new registration system which includes the ability to put programs on your "wish list" to register for later. Click on the "register now" button for more details on how to create your account and get started today.

Air quality & weather impacts to programs

We have created a webpage to share updates to programs due to changing weather or air quality concerns. Be sure to visit before you head out to a program if the weather or air is "questionable".

PRL program updates

In the future, we will transition to text messaging rather than making phone calls for program updates. If you would like to receive a text message, then you first need to "opt-in" in our registration system. We will NOT be sending any marketing text messages - only messages about programs for which you are currently enrolled. 

Text message opt-in instructions

Link to registration system for text message opt-in

Swimming lessons

Pool schedules