The City of Roseville has several informational sources for development fees. In addition there are several programs to assist in the calculation and financing of development fees. Each program has unique requirements for qualification.

Fee Estimates

We can prepare a custom fee estimate for your proposed project. Fee booklets are also available that explain how each fee is calculated. Visit our Development Impact Fees page for more information or to download a copy of the booklets.

For questions, call (916) 774-5445 or e-mail. Fee estimates are completed within 15 working days.

Statewide Communities Infrastructure Program (SCIP)

man constructing a house

This program allows a developer to finance many of the development fees that are otherwise due at Building Permit Issuance.

The California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) administers the program and is the reviewing and approving body of all applications. Bonds are sold through CSCDA and the proceeds from the bond sale are used to pay for the development fees. The property owner then pays the fees back over 30 years, including interest, through assessment liens on the property.

This program can be used for any type of project (commercial, industrial or residential) and for any amount.

SCIP offers two types of programs; The pre-funding option allows the funding to be available when a Building Permit is pulled (and most development fees are due), subject to the timing of bond issuance.

The second option reimburses the developer for development fees after the Building Permit is pulled. For detailed information and application, visit the SCIP page on the CSCDA website.