The Stoneridge Specific Plan includes 1,117 acres, bounded on the north by the City of Rocklin, on the west by I-80, Secret Ravine and Roseville Parkway, on the south by Olympus Drive and on the east by Sierra College Boulevard. A majority of the area (699 acres) was previously designated as urban reserve in the Northeast Roseville Specific Plan, with the remainder (390 acres) annexed into the City from unincorporated Placer County. The Plan includes 2,861 single and multi-family units, including approximately 35 acres of Commercial, 5 acres of Business Professional, 78 acres of Park, 270 acres of Open Space, a 15-acre school site and a fire station. At build-out, the Plan area is expected to accommodate approximately 7,267 residents and provide 1,563 jobs. The Plan was adopted in March 1998.