The City of Roseville Capital Improvement Program (CIP) identifies the various transportation improvements needed to serve the future transportation demands on the roadway system as a result of impacts from new development. The CIP is periodically updated to respond to changing conditions and to assure the development of an adequate transportation system, consistent with the City’s Level of Service (LOS) Policy. The City Council sets priorities for the construction of individual Capital Improvement Program projects throughout the City.

The City of Roseville updates its Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and associated Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) periodically to respond to changing conditions, and to assure that adequate fees are collected to support the transportation infrastructure improvement costs necessary to mitigate the traffic impacts resulting from the build-out and construction of new and existing development projects within the City.  This developer mitigation program ensures that the City’s obligations and responsibility, as assumed in the mitigation program, established by City Ordinance in 1989, are being met and that the program is fully funded.