There are three types of floodplains in Roseville. Each floodplain has a set of regulations governing development within the area, as well as different maps showing the limits of each floodplain. A property may be in one or all three types of floodplains.

  • Flood Hazard Area, as defined by FEMA’s Flood Insurance Study
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) delineates flood hazard areas for flood insurance purposes. These areas are shown on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for the Roseville area.
  • Roseville’s Regulatory Floodplain
    Roseville’s Regulatory Floodplain covers more property than that shown on a FIRM. The City’s Regulatory Floodplain boundaries are defined in the Safety Element Section of the City’s General Plan and is used to regulate development in the floodplain. Learn more about Constructing in the Floodplain.

  • Roseville’s “Zoned” Floodway and Floodway Fringe
    The Floodway and Floodway Fringe Zones are shown on the City of Roseville zoning map. Regulations for development are spelled out in the City’s Zoning Ordinance. For the most part, these zones are in the older parts of the city and fall completely within the City’s Regulatory Floodplain boundaries.

Get FEMA’s Flood Insurance Zone Information

To determine if your property is within FEMA’s Flood Hazard Area, view maps and learn about FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program. You do not need an account to get flood zone information—just type in your address within the search bar on the FEMA Flood Map Service Center (click "view maps" above). On the next page, click “View/Print FIRM” to get the flood map of the area.

Get Regulatory Floodplain or Floodway/Floodway Zone Maps

You can obtain Regulatory Floodplain or Floodway Fringe Zoning information by going to go to the Property Information Tool.

Type in your address, and click the search icon. To view a close approximation of the Regulatory Floodplain, go to "Layer List" and select the "Floodplain" layer. Selecting the "Creek" layer is also recommended. 

For Floodway /Floodway Fringe Zoning information go to “Planning Layer” and select the “Zoning” box.

To get Regulatory Floodplain information, please contact the Permit Center. Visit the Civic Center, 311 Vernon St., call (916) 774-5285, or call Floodplain Management at (916) 745-1300.

Request Flood Zone Information

To request Flood Hazard Information on a property in Roseville, complete the upper portion of the Flood Hazard Information Request and fax, mail, or email your request to the contact information below. Staff will send the signed request back to your within seven calendar days.

Simulated Flood Events

View flood risk maps for the Dry Creek Watershed. The simulation represents potential flooding in 10 - 500 year storm events and should not be used for flood insurance purposes.
View Map.