Leaks can occur in various places, but toilets and sprinkler systems are often the culprits. These leaks can be tricky to spot as they might not show obvious signs. To help you tackle leaks, follow this checklist that guides you in locating leaks throughout your home.

For more in-depth instructions, helpful video resources demonstrate how to identify and fix common leaks with bathroom toilets and outdoor sprinkler systems.


Most leaks discovered during the winter stem from toilet flappers. To test if your toilet is leaking, follow these steps:

1. You'll need a dye tablet or food coloring

2. Drop the dye tablet or a few drops of food coloring into the toilet's tank

3. Wait for about 10 minutes without flushing

4. Examine the toilet bowl for any colored water

5. If you notice color in the bowl, a leak is present

Sprinkler system

Especially in the summer, when sprinkler systems are used frequently, leaks can occur. Checking your sprinkler system for problems once a month is essential.

Refer to this video guide for clear instructions on detecting sprinkler system leaks. Additionally, inspect your backflow preventer and valve boxes for any signs of excess water.

Remember that proper maintenance, such as winterizing your system and performing routine checks, can help prevent leaks and ensure your sprinkler system operates efficiently throughout the year.