Welcome to Roseville Electric New Services Engineering 

Roseville Electric New Services Division works with land developers and residents to provide electricity to the customer. This is accomplished through review and conditioning of the project entitlements, design of Joint Trench, review of building plans and inspection services.

Residential/Commercial Panel Upgrade:
Before applying for a Building Permit to upgrade your electrical panel, please email your project information to 
[email protected]. Please provide a name, address, phone number, existing panel size and proposed panel size.  Once this information is received, applicants will be contacted within 2 business days with a response.

New Commercial/Residential Projects:
New Services Engineering will review plans submitted to the City of Roseville Planning, Building and Engineering Department. During this process New Services Engineering will work with the applicant to determine the location of Transformers, Street Lights and additional electric facilities as needed.

  • Planning: Through the entitlement stage the applicant will be notified of all improvements necessary to provide electricity to the proposed project.
  • Engineering: Civil improvement plans will be routed to New Services Engineering for review. During the review process locations of electrical facilities will be determined and New Services Engineering will provide a Composite Drawing to be added to the civil improvement plans prior to approval.
  • Building: Building plans will be routed to New Service Engineering for review. During this process the following items will be reviewed:
    • Size and quantity of customer owned/provided secondary conductors and conduits from Transformer to Switch Gear
    • Access and Location of Electrical Switch Gear
    • One Line Diagram
    • Size of Electrical Gear

Inspection Services:
Inspections will be completed for joint trench, vaults and pads. The New Service Engineering Technician that designed the project will be the contact for inspections.   

New Services Engineering will provide an invoice for the materials and labor to install meters, transformers, primary conductors and other electrical equipment. The applicant is required to install all joint trench, transformer pads, vaults, primary and secondary conduits. Payment is required prior to installation of Roseville Electric materials. A backbone mitigation fee will be collected with the building permit, this fee is to maintain the Roseville Electric Transmission System.