Roseville Explorers compete in Tracy

Updated July 02, 2022

Roseville PD’s Explorer Post 108 spent last weekend in Tracy at the annual Central Valley Explorer Competition hosted by the Manteca, Ripon, Tracy, and Modesto Police Departments. They participated in a total of 14 scenario events over the weekend, competing against 27 other Explorer Posts from around the state. 

RPD Explorers finished the weekend with a 1st Place finish in the High Risk Stop and a 3rd Place finish in the Critical Incident scenarios.  The team also received high praise for their teamwork and ingenuity in the “Bus Assault” scenario, although they did not place in that event.

Explorer Competitions are designed to be very demanding on the physical and mental capabilities of each Explorer, testing thier skills in many types of real life situations that police officers may face on a daily basis including traffic stops, disturbances, hostage negotiations, vehicle and building searches, and crime scene investigations.  The scenarios also provide Explorers an opportunity to showcase their knowledge of laws and law enforcement policy and procedures.

Do you know a teen or young adult interested in a career in Law Enforcement?  The Roseville Police Explorer program may be a great opportunity for them.  Explorers must be between 14-20 years of age, have at least a 2.5 GPA, and pass a background check. 

For more information about the Explorer Program, click HERE


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