Roseville has a sticky situation! Produce stickers found on fruits and vegetables at the grocery store are gumming up equipment at our wastewater plants.

When you get ready to eat a tasty apple or fresh cucumber, remove those pesky produce stickers BEFORE you rinse fruits and veggies in the sink. While the stickers do contain important information about where your food comes from, they don’t taste good, and they don’t belong in your kitchen drain.

  • Please place those stickers in the trash. Otherwise, they can end up in the drain and travel down city pipes to our treatment plants.
  • They can clog equipment at our regional wastewater facilities, requiring additional maintenance on critical equipment.
  • The additional work to remove these stickers is costly. So removing stickers before washing keeps things running smoothly and rates low.

We truly appreciate the help -- and so does your wastewater treatment plants.

produce label

Labels above, when rinsed down the sink, end up on our equipment below. This equates to more frequent maintenance of some of our water treatment equipment.

filter screen