Securing Roseville's water future

Updated October 28, 2019
Securing Roseville's water future
Our water utility is committed to providing the quality, reliable service that our customers have grown to expect. This dedication began in the early 1900s when the City purchased a private water company, continuing through today, and preparing for tomorrow.

We've been notified by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that our Water Future Initiative is one of many projects throughout the nation invited to apply for funding through the federal Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act.

We are seeking funds - upwards of $37 million - to expand our groundwater program and to develop a pilot effort to evaluate how we can expand our successful recycled water program.

Roseville's Water Future Initiative is a suite of options that will help secure our water resources for both our immediate and long-term needs.

One component to the success of our water reliability effort is the current management of our groundwater resources.

How does Roseville’s groundwater program work?
Deep below our feet, buried beneath layers of clay, sand, and gravel are large amounts of clean and usable water. This water, referred to as groundwater, is contained in an underground basin that spans almost half the length of California. This resource is part of a series of interconnected groundwater basins that extends throughout California’s vast Central Valley.

What is unique about our groundwater program is that we can replenish and extract groundwater to and from the basin. This provides sustainability, aiding in the long-term reliability of the regional water supply. The proper management of this resource is central to our ability to use and reuse this water to meet our community’s long-term needs.

Watch this video of how we manage groundwater in Roseville.

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