Budget Billing

Being predictable was never so exciting.

Enjoy a consistent and predictable monthly utility payment throughout the year with Budget Billing. Budget Billing spreads costs evenly month-to-month, mitigating the spikes caused by seasonal changes in how you use your utilities. To determine your monthly payment, your utility usage from the previous 12 months is averaged, so you pay the same amount month after month. 

Your budget plan will true-up after 11 months, and the debit or credit of actual charges will be due on the settlement statement. At this time, your budget amount is evaluated according to your actual usage and the monthly budget amount may increase or decrease for the following 11 months. 

You may request to be removed from the Budget Billing plan at any time. After cancelling your Budget Billing plan, you will be responsible for the true-up amount on the next statement. Once you have signed up for the Budget Billing plan, you must keep your account current in order to stay on the plan. If you become delinquent, your account can be removed from Budget Billing.

Eligible customers:
-Have 12 months of service at present address
-Utility payments are up-to-date
-Do not have an annualized solar account

Log in to roseville.ca.us/billpay or call (916) 774-5300 to get started.