Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are found wherever you have electric power. Questions have been raised as to the possible health effects of these low-frequency (60-hertz) fields.

Electromagnetic fields are present wherever electricity flows

EMF is around appliances and power lines, and in offices, schools and homes. Some researchers believe that if there is a risk of adverse health effects from normal residential exposures to EMF, it is probably just at the limit of detection for human health studies. Nonetheless, any possible risk warrants further investigation. Varying results from epidemiological studies that looked at estimated EMF exposures and childhood leukemia are consistent with a weak link. Laboratory studies, including those examining a possible mechanism for health effects (mechanistic studies), offer little or no evidence to support this weak link.

Results from many research studies have been evaluated by international, national and California EMF research programs to determine whether EMF poses any health risk. Given the uncertainty of the issue, the medical and scientific communities have been unable to conclude that normal residential exposures to EMF cause adverse health effects. Nor have they established any standard or level of residential exposure that is known to be either safe or harmful. These conclusions remain unchanged by recent studies.

EMF description

If you are concerned about EMF

You may want to start by taking no-cost and low-cost measures to reduce your EMF exposure at home and at work.

Human studies have not produced a consensus about any health benefits from changing the way people use electric appliances. But if you feel that reducing your EMF exposure would be beneficial, you can increase your distance from electric appliances and/or limit the amount of time you use appliances at home or at work.

For example, you can place phones and electric clocks away from the head of your bed. Increasing your distance from these and other appliances like TVs, computer monitors and microwave ovens may lower your EMF exposure. You may also reduce your EMF exposure by limiting the time you spend using personal appliances such as hair dryers, electric razors, heating pads and electric blankets. You may also want to limit the time you spend using electric cooking appliances. You can identify the sources of EMF in your work environment, and spend break time in lower-field areas.

It is not known whether such actions will have any impact on your health.

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