We know you cherish the natural areas in Roseville. So do we! They provide beautiful scenery, passive recreation options, natural filtering for urban runoff, improved air quality, flood protection and wildlife habitat preservation. When enjoying the open space, please be mindful of your impact to local creeks and wildlife.

Here are some ways that you can help preserve our open space:

Stick to the Trail

Traveling on the paved trail leaves room for wildlife and their homes. Avoid using shortcuts and other informal paths. These paths are not properly designed or maintained and can contribute to erosion. We can all enjoy our open space AND share the area with wildlife if we just stick to the paved trail!

Keep Dogs On-Leash

Dogs can impact creeks by trampling creek banks, disturbing wildlife and reducing water quality. Some people may find dogs intimidating. Also, not all dogs play well with others and might not be up-to-date on their shots. Did you know that dogs are only allowed in designated open space areas? Contact us at (916) 774-5748. Remember, Roseville's municipal code also requires all dogs to be led on a maximum 6-feet long leash at all times

Scoop the Poop

Dogs are not shy about where they go to the bathroom and this can really hurt the environment and also makes the open space less enjoyable. Dog waste increases bacteria levels and contributes excess nutrients in the creeks. Bring along several bags for picking up your dog's waste. Remember the job's not done until you drop it in the trash can!

Can Your Trash

Please can all trash yours and others. Trash is unsightly and ruins everyone's outdoor experience. Even biodegradable materials, such as orange peels, take years to break down. Litter can also attract scavenging birds and mammals that can drive away or kill native wildlife. Let's do our part and take out the trash!
Open Space