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Ask us about ILL (interlibrary loan) requests for other specialized, rare or hard-to-find items that might be loaned to us from another California library.

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Loan Agreement:

Interlibrary loan requests may take as long as 4-6 weeks to arrive, depending on the response time and shipping mode of the lending library. The Roseville Public Library does not guarantee that all items will be available for loan or processed within a certain amount of time. Requests cannot be placed for DVDs, CDs, Audiobooks, books less than 6 months old and items Roseville Public Library owns. The library will notify me if they are unable to obtain the requested item.
I agree to pay shipping fees, up to $5.00, for each interlibrary loan request.  The shipping fees will be charged to my Roseville Public Library account, upon receipt of the item.  The Roseville Public Library will hold my interlibrary loan for 7 days, before returning the item to the lending library. I understand I will be charged the shipping fees even if I do not pick up the item.

If the lending library charges additional fees, I will be notified before the library places the request.
If an item is lost, damaged, or overdue I will be charged the cost of the material, as determined by the lending library. These charges will be applied against my library card and may result in suspension of my borrowing privileges.

I agree to the loan agreement, above 


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