The stormwater solution starts with you, and we have a number of things you can do to reduce stormwater impacts in Roseville.

Know where the water flows
To find out where runoff from your house drains click here. Follow the arrows on the storm drain system that connects the storm drain inlet closest to your house to an outfall. Outfalls discharge stormwater from storm drains to a creek or open space.

Adopt a Creek

The Adopt-a-Creek program is an opportunity for your group to participate in creek improvement projects throughout Roseville. It’s a great way for schools, community organizations and companies to affirm their dedication to a clean healthy watershed and the wildlife living there.

Roseville creeks are a valuable natural resource. In addition to providing flood protection and stormwater drainage, they provide vital habitat for wildlife, and enhance our neighborhoods as well as our quality of life.

Our creeks are unique in that they host significant salmon and steelhead spawning grounds. To protect these wild urban spaces, our creeks need on-going care and maintenance. Even though the City works hard to maintain the health of our creeks, we cannot do it alone. We need your help. Adopt a creek and help sustain the health and beauty of our local creeks.

To get involved, contact Adopt-a-Creek Coordinator, Matthew Ocko, (916) 774-5738.

Car washes

The Eco-Friendly Charity Car Wash Program is a good way for your charity to raise funds while protecting the environment at the same time.
Call or visit one of the participating car wash facilities below for more detail.

Quick Quack Car Wash
1391 Blue Oaks Boulevard
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 772-3274

Sundance Car Wash Inc.
525 Cirby Way
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 773-9274

Car Wash Kit for Charity Events

The City's car wash kit keeps keep soap, oils and other contaminants out of Roseville's creeks. These kits will be loaned to your charity free of charge. If your group is planning to have a car wash event, fill out this agreement form and contact the City's Stormwater Management Program at (916) 774-5751 to reserve your charity car wash kit now.