House with green transformer box with utility clearance measurements

Overhead lines - keep branches clear of lines

If you live in a neighborhood with overhead power lines, keep an eye on tree branches that come too close to the power lines. If you see a branch that is growing close, please call 79-POWER. We'll dispatch a tree trimming crew to take care of the problem. Please DON'T try to trim the branch yourself! This is a free service from Roseville Electric Utility.

Underground lines - Remember the 8-foot rule

Neighborhoods built during the past few years receive electric service through underground power lines. Roseville Electric Utility line crews gain access to these lines through the green utility enclosures found near the street. To ensure safe access to the equipment, Roseville Electric Utility requires a clearance of eight feet in front of the utility enclosure door and three feet from all other sides.

See section 7.00 of Roseville Electric Utility’s Specification for Residential Construction for required landscape clearances around equipment.

Avoid common mistakes

Although it is tempting to landscape around ground mounted utility equipment, please remember the State of California requires our line crews to inspect the utility equipment at least once every year. And, if there's an emergency or outage, line crews need immediate access.

Planting for safety

Our goal is to make it easy for you to maintain clearances around power lines ground equipment. Please call if you have questions about landscaping near utility facilities. Our staff is available to talk with you or come to your home to help you decide how to plant trees for the greatest safety and energy savings. Also remember to call 811 before you do any digging to find out where all of the utility lines are on your property.