Are you looking to create a Pre-Application on-line?

  • Start by selecting the tab for the appropriate Division  (Building, Engineering, or Planning)
  • Scroll down to the 'Checklists' heading and find the document appropriate for your permit or entitlement
  • Click on 'View' to open up the appropriate checklist
  • Gather the required documents (make sure they are digitally signed, and the appropriate checkboxes are checked)
  • Review the Electronic Plan Review Document Submittal Requirements before submitting plans, maps, and technical documents
  • Visit the OPS Submittal Support page for step-by-step instruction on creating a pre-application
  • Visit the OPS Portal to create your pre-application

All application packets (including plans, maps, and technical documents) must be submitted in digital format. If you prefer not to apply on-line, you will need to bring your application packet into the Permit Center on a CD/DVD or USB drive.

The same plan review document submittal requirements apply to all divisions within Development Services.