Darling Way/Riverside Avenue to Old Auburn Road/South Cirby Way

Project Update - Environmental Studies Ongoing

The project team is currently completing technical studies related to the environmental analysis for the Dry Creek Greenway Project - East. Public meeting was held in December of 2014 to gather comments and feedback about the environmental topics the community feels should be addressed in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Since then, the project team has begun work on the environmental studies. This effort includes conducting environmental surveys and studies to support the EIR's analysis of the proposed project and project alternatives. The results of the environmental studies will be summarized in the Draft EIR. Depending on the continued progress of the environmental studies, the current schedule anticipates the Draft EIR would be available for review in 2017.

Notice of Preparation Released & Public Scoping Meeting

In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City of Roseville prepared a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the project. The purpose of the NOP was to notify responsible and trustee agencies, members of the public, and other interested parties that a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) would be prepared for the Dry Creek Greenway Project - East, and to solicit feedback on the scope and content of the analysis in the DEIR. Potential environmental effects identified in the NOP will be further analyzed in the DEIR. The NOP was circulated for a 31-day comment period, beginning November 18, 2013 and ending December 19, 2013.

A public scoping meeting was conducted on December 3, 2013 from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Maidu Community Center (1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville). This meeting was an open house and included project information, copies of the NOP, and forms for providing written comments on the environmental analysis.

Scoping Meeting Summary

Scoping Meeting Handout

Potential Environmental Effects

Environmental Process

CEQA Flow Chart

Updated Feasibility Analysis Released

The City of Roseville is pleased to release the Updated Feasibility Analysis for the Dry Creek Greenway Project - East. The analysis incorporates the results of preliminary engineering studies for the project, as well as the valuable public feedback we received over the past 12 months, including at Open House #3, which was held on March 21, 2013 and attended by over sixty community members. An electronic copy of the Updated Feasibility Analysis may be downloaded below, or hard copies of the Updated Feasibility Analysis are available for viewing at the Maidu library (1530 Maidu Drive), the Downtown Library (225 Taylor Street) and the Alternative Transportation Offices (401 Vernon Street).

Executive Summary

Updated Feasibility Analysis

Appendix A - Vicinity Maps

Appendix B - Preferred Alignment 2009 Study

Appendix C - Alignment Options Segment 1 Hillcrest

Appendix D - Alignment Options Segment 5 Sunrise

Appendix E - Typical Cross Sections

Appendix F - Bridge and Wall Renderings

Appendix G - Darling Way Options

Appendix H - Biological Resources Maps

Appendix I - Right of Way Maps

Appendix J - Cost Estimates

Appendix K - Preliminary Hydraulics Analysis

Dry Creek Greenway - East

Purpose & Needs

The City of Roseville is beginning the next phase of planning for the Dry Creek Greenway Trail Project. It is a proposed Class I multi-use trail along Dry, Cirby and Linda Creeks that would begin near Darling Way/Riverside Ave and continue east to the City limits past the Old Auburn Road/South Cirby Way intersection, a distance of about 4.25 miles. The current phase of work will include additional feasibility analysis for select segments of trail, preliminary engineering, and environmental review.

The Dry Creek Greenway Multi-use Trail is envisioned as a paved, off-street trail along Dry, Cirby and Linda Creeks that will provide residents a place for bicycling, walking, running and dog-walking for fun, education, recreation and transportation.

The Dry Creek Greenway Multi-use Trail is a vital component of the City of Roseville bikeway and trail system because it will provide a safe, comfortable, convenient and highly connected bike route as an alternative to using City streets in an area of the City that is under served by bicycle facilities. The Dry Creek Greenway trail will connect schools and businesses to residential neighborhoods. The trail will also provide important regional connections as it is part of a series of existing and planned trails that will form a loop around the greater South Placer/ Sacramento area.

The Dry Creek Greenway Multi-use Trail is planned for the south side of the City, beginning at the west City limits near the City Corporation Yard and extending to the east city limits near Old Auburn Road. The current planning effort will study the trail from Riverside Avenue to the City limits just past Old Auburn Road (see map below). Challenges for the project include neighborhood compatibility, limited availability of right-of-way, roadway crossings, existing utilities and environmental factors.

Stakeholders Representative Group

The City of Roseville is convening a Stakeholders Representative Group to solicit input on the Dry Creek Greenway Trail project from a broad array of community interests. Representatives include residents, property owners, business owners, the Dry Creek Conservancy, Biking Roseville, Sun City Cycling Club, local schools, and others. Stakeholder Representatives will act as a liaison between the City and their respective group, to communicate and gauge the interests and concerns of their group.

Stakeholder Meeting 1 PowerPoint

Stakeholder Meeting 1 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 2 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 3 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 4 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 5 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 6 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 7 Notes

Stakeholder Meeting 8 - Site Tour

Stakeholder Meeting 9 Agenda

Stakeholder Meeting 9 PowerPoint

Stakeholder Meeting 9 Summary

Stakeholder Meeting 10 Summary


Public Open Houses

Open House 1_Post-It Notes Summary

Open House 1 Notes

Open House 2 Notes

Open House 2 Summary of Public Comments

Open House 3 and Online Summary


Neighborhood Meetings

Meadow Oaks Neighborhood Meeting - PowerPoint

2010 Feasibility Study

In 2008, the City hired Alta Planning to conduct a planning and feasibility study for the trail. The study included an inventory of existing conditions, develop trail alignment alternatives and prepare a report to the City. The purpose of this effort was to develop a locally preferred alternative for trail routing and road crossings that adequately addresses the challenges and fits within the context of the neighborhoods. Public outreach was an important component throughout the feasibility study process. The public outreach component included a series of Stakeholder Group and public open house meetings that were well-attended by the public. In March 2010, the City Council accepted the Dry Creek Greenway Trail Planning & Feasibility Study, and directed staff to proceed with additional feasibility analysis, preliminary engineering and environmental review.

Dry Creek Greenway Trail Feasibility Study: Part 1

Dry Creek Greenway Trail Feasibility Study: Part 2

Dry Creek Greenway Trail Feasibility Study: Part 3

Dry Creek Greenway Trail Feasibility Study: Part 4

Dry Creek Greenway Trail Feasibility Study: Part 5

Recommended Trail Alignments from the 2010 Feasibility Study

Maps shown by trail segment:

Darling Way to Dry Creek - Cirby Creek Confluence

Dry Creek - Cirby Creek Confluence to I-80

I-80 to Marlin Drive

Marlin Drive to Sunrise Avenue

Sunrise Avenue to Oak Ridge Drive

Oak Ridge Drive to Blue Jay Drive

Blue Jay Drive to Rocky Ridge Drive

Rocky Ridge Drive to North Cirby Way

Strap Ravine to Maidu Regional Park

North Cirby Way to Colonial Parkway

Colonial Parkway to Old Auburn

Old Auburn to Spahn Ranch Road

Dry Creek Greenway Frequently Asked Questions

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