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Fire Station site grading and initial trail work -
Construction is complete. 

Downtown Class I Trail Project & Ice House Bridge Refurbishment - This phase of work includes: continuation of the trail into Royer Park, rotation and refurbishment of the Rube Nelson “Icehouse” Bridge, and construction of the Taylor Street bridge to connect Royer Park and the Downtown Library. Site preparation work within Royer Park occurred in summer 2017. Remaining construction activities are anticipated to occur spring 2018 through fall 2019.

Harding to Royer Segment 3 Trail - This portion of work is anticipated for construction in spring 2018 and will include the final segment of the downtown trail work, resulting in a continuous 6-mile long off-street trail from Sierra College Boulevard into Downtown Roseville, continuing through Royer and Saugstad Parks, to Darling Way.

Downtown Pedestrian Bridge - The downtown pedestrian bridge is expected to be constructed spring 2018 through fall 2019 and provide a direct pedestrian connection between Royer Park and the Vernon Street Town Square. It is anticipated as a centerpiece of Downtown revitalization efforts with a high level of architectural detail and sufficient width for vendors and other activities.

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Project plans to be considered by City Council

Updated: 1/10/18

The project plans, specifications and estimates for the Downtown Bridges and Trail Project will be considered by City Council at their 7 p.m. Wednesday, January 17 meeting in the Council Chambers (311 Vernon Street).  

If project plans are approved, construction is anticipated for spring 2018 through fall 2019. 

Project Plans

Project Overview Plan
Project Summary Brochure
Rube Nelson Icehouse Bridge Plan
Library Replacement Bridge Plan
Downtown Pedestrian Bridge Plan
Parking Exhibit
Parking Occupancy Study

Community Open House

Community Open House

The City of Roseville held a community open house to preview design plans for the Downtown Bridges Project on September 9, 2014 in the Civic Center rotunda. View flier.

The meeting included exhibits and renderings of the bridges and representatives from the city and the project team answering questions and discussing ideas with members of the public.

Community Open House Summary


Design Concepts

Design Thumbnail

Mark Thomas Design Concept

At the City Council meeting on April 17, 2013, the city entered into a Professional Services Agreement with Mark Thomas and Company for design and environmental services for the Downtown Bridges, Trail & Fire Station site grading project. The staff report is available for review on the City Council webpage. The initial steps of work will be to conduct base mapping, topographic surveys and other collection of other background information. Once that work is complete, Mark Thomas will begin refining their designs in consideration of the new data and the public comments received during the Design Contest.


Public Workshop #2

The second public workshop was hosted by the city at the Tower Theater on November 29, 2013. Both design teams presented their design concepts and there was an interactive question and answer period for the public.

Workshop #2 Summary

Public Comments Received

Public Workshop #1

The City hosted a public workshop on October 2, 2013 to kick off a competition to select the designer for the Downtown Bridge Project. The workshop featured brief presentations and opportunities to share your vision for the design of two new bridges and re-use of the existing Rube Nelson “Icehouse” Bridge. Workshop flier. 

These bridges are integral to creating the pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment envisioned in the Downtown Specific Plan. Your input is used by prospective design teams as they help bring the Downtown vision to life. See below for meeting materials: 

Workshop #1 Summary
Design Intention Statement

Downtown Bridges Consultant Selection Committee

The Selection Committee was appointed by the City Council to guide the consultant selection process and design competition, and to make a recommendation to the City Council on the preferred design. The Selection Committee includes members from the Transportation Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Revitalization Committee and Folsom Road Neighborhood Association. Agenda and notes from Selection Committee meetings are provided below. 

At Selection Committee Meeting #3, the committee recommended Mark Thomas and Company be the top-ranked design team for the Downtown Bridges, Trail and Fire Station Grading Project. The recommendation of the Selection Committee will be forwarded to the City Council in early 2013. The City Council will make the final decision on which design team to hire.

Selection Committee Meeting #1 - Agenda
Selection Committee Meeting #1 - Meeting Notes
Selection Committee Meeting #1 - Staff Report
Selection Committee Meeting #2 - Agenda
Selection Committee Meeting #2 - Staff Report
Selection Committee Meeting #3 - Agenda
Selection Committee Meeting #3 - Staff Report

City Council Meetings

At their meeting of January 16, 2013, the City Council selected the Mark Thomas and Company team as the top-ranked design firm for the the Downtown Bridges, Trail & Fire Station site grading project. For more information, please see the staff report for that meeting.

Council Communication

Meeting with Veterans Hall Users

The City of Roseville will be holding regular meetings with the Veterans Hall, including Veterans organizations.

Meeting materials from December 3, 2012
Meeting Summary

Meeting materials from October 30, 2012:
Meeting Summary

Downtown Bridges Overview

This project includes a replacement bridge near the Downtown Library; the Oak Street Class I Bridge/Trail near the Veterans Hall; and a Downtown Bridge to Royer Park which is a key pedestrian feature in Downtown Roseville.

These projects are part of the community vision for Downtown Roseville as approved by the City Council as part of the Downtown Specific Plan, and identified as a priority by the City Council in August 2011 during the approval of the Downtown Public Improvement Plan.

These projects have specific grant funding and fee-based funding which cannot be used for other general fund purposes. The intention of this project is to:
  • Enhance public places through high quality architecture and urban design.
  • Respect and honor the history and influence of the railroad on Roseville, including re-use of the Rube Nelson "Icehouse" Bridge. The Downtown Specific Plan recommends re-use of the Icehouse Bridge as part of the Oak Street Class I trail. However, the City will be looking also at the option of re-using the Icehouse bridge as the library replacement bridge.
  • Promote the WPA Style, a contemporary interpretation of Works Progress Administration era project (typified by economical use of natural materials such as concrete, stone, metal, stucco, wood and ornamentation and the use of craftsmanship and proportions to define the structure).
  • Celebrate creek ecology, riparian habitat and fall-run salmon through art, design and interpretive signs.
  • Safe, comfortable, convenient and connected trails, paths and walkways.

downtown bridge

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