Effective January 1, 2017, there will be a change in how the City of Roseville’s (City) contribution towards your medical insurance premium is paid, thereby affecting your pension payments from CalPERS. Please note that your actual medical contribution benefit from the City will not change – the change will be in the method by which the contribution is paid.

Information was mailed to all retirees dated October 11, 2016, see below: 

Letter to Retirees regarding Reimbursement Change Oct. 11, 2016

To have your reimbursement direct deposited, complete the: 

Direct Deposit - Change of address form for Retirees

Return your completed form to:
City of Roseville
Finance Department/Retiree Medical
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678

2017 Retiree Reimbursement Schedule

Informational Sessions are being held to inform retirees of this change and answer questions. The first Informational Session was held on:

October 20, 2016 – Informational Session Video

Tax Information for Health Reimbursement Arrangements

CAPP Information: CalPERS program for retirees whose monthly warrants are not sufficient to cover their share of the monthly health premium.

Other additional meetings will be held in the Council Chambers at 311 Vernon Street on:
November 15, 2016 from 11 – noon
December 8, 2016 from 5 – 6 pm

The following document represents all the healthcare plans and the costs associated with each relative to the retiree’s status (i.e. Basic/Medicare; Single coverage, +1, Family)

Worksheets have been developed to provide you with a sample of how this may financially impact you, if at all.

Medicare Kaiser Worksheet

Medicare United Healthcare Worksheet

BASIC Kaiser Worksheet

BASIC United Healthcare Worksheet

And finally, a BLANK Worksheet is available for you to print off and complete based on your specific situation. 

You can email questions to RetireeMedical@roseville.ca.us or contact Payroll at 916-746-1280.