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Jail/Sentenced Prisoner Program

The Roseville Police Department operates a Type 1 Jail Facility within the Roseville Police Department. The jail is staffed by civilian correctional officers, and is open around the clock. Roseville's jail has eighteen cells that can each house up to two persons. There are also two sobering ("detox") cells. The jail is certified by the California Board of Corrections to hold adult arrestees for up to 96 hours, but most arrestees are released within 24 hours. Most arrestees are either released on bail or other release agreements, or are eventually transported to the Placer County Jail in Auburn.

Roseville City Jail Booking Log

Click here to view daily booking logs.

Sentenced Prisoner Program (SPP)

Informational brochure
If you are interested in applying to serve your Placer County jail time here, please download, print and complete the following three forms:
Application to serve time in the Roseville City Jail
Roseville City Jail Imprisonment Conditions
Roseville City Jail Medical Screening Form

The Sentenced Prisoner Program (SPP) offers an alternative to serving jail time in the Placer County Jail. If you have been sentenced to jail for a non-violent offense, like shoplifting or driving under the influence, and the Placer County sentencing court approves, you may serve your time in the Roseville City Jail. Your time in the Roseville City Jail will be computed on a 2 for 1 basis. For example, if you are sentenced to serve ten days in jail, you may serve five days in the Roseville City Jail, divided into 12-hour or 24-hour increments. This will allow you to keep your job and take care of your family while satisfying your court sentence. Applicants must be in good health and have no history of violent behavior. For more information about the Sentenced Prisoner Program, download our brochure.  If you want to apply to serve your time here, please download, print and complete the three forms listed above, and call the jail supervisor at (916)746-1061 for an appointment.

Please note:  The rates for the Sentenced Prisoner Program are as follows:
One-time application processing fee:  $25
Cost for 12 hour stay is $60
Cost for 24 hour stay is $110

Correctional Staff

General Jail Telephone Number (916) 774-5060
Correctional Supervisor Carter Christiansen
(916) 746-1061
Correctional Officer D. Dalton (916) 774-5060
Correctional Officer C. Gazzolo (916) 774-5060
Correctional Officer D. Guzman (916) 774-5060
Correctional Officer L. Price (916) 774-5060
Correctional Officer T. Ward (916) 774-5060

Frequently asked questions after an arrest

Where is the arrestee's car?

Unless the arrestee's car was left at the scene or released to a licensed friend or relative, it was most likely towed and stored by one of the following local towing companies. The jail staff will be able to tell you which towing company was used.

AB Tow (916) 774-2732
Anderson Tow (916) 746-1992
Classic Tow (916) 786-6800
LJ's Tow (916) 489-6800
Neighborhood Tow (916) 786-7677
Roseville Tow (916) 782-1997
Sierra Hart Tow (916) 780-1448

How do I post bond, or bail someone out?

Lists of local licensed bail bond agencies are posted in each jail cell. If you want to bail someone out, look in the local telephone book's yellow pages under "bail bond services".

What is the next step after being released from jail on a bail bond or a notice to appear in court?

The arrestee will be given a bail receipt or a notice to appear with court appearance information at the bottom. Please retain this notice and appear in court at the scheduled date and time. There will be no further notification from the court. If the arrestee does not appear in court as scheduled, the court may issue an arrest warrant for failure to appear.

How do I find out about someone's status if they have been transferred to the Placer County Jail in Auburn?

You can view the Placer County Jail's in-custody roster, which includes visitation, charges and bail information, here.

What happens at an arraignment?

The arraignment is an arrestee's first appearance in court after an arrest. Arrestees will hear the charges against them, will be asked if they need a public defender to represent them, and will be asked to enter a guilty or not guilty plea.

How can I contact the Placer County Court?

Call them at 916-408-6000, or visit their website for much more information about court procedures.


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