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Police - Forms
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 Business Academy Flier (566.8 KB)
 Concealed Weapons License (CCW) Policy (88.6 KB)
 Equal Employment Opportunity Plan - 2012 (2.34 MB)
 Hiring information: entry-level police officer hiring process (154 KB)
 Hiring information: Interested in a career in law enforcement? (152.7 KB)
 Hiring Information: Physical Agility Test Video (link)
 Identity Theft Victim's Fraudulent Account Information Request (9.9 KB)
 Letter of Good Conduct (39.3 KB)
 License application: dog license (313.3 KB)
 No Soliciting Sign (597.6 KB)
 Parking Citation Review Request (98 KB)
 Permit Application, massage: state-certified masssage operator registration (159.2 KB)
 Permit application: door-to-door solicitation (40 KB)
 Permit application: ice cream vendor renewal (83.1 KB)
 Permit application: secondhand dealer/pawnbroker license (203.2 KB)
 Permit application: dance permit (first time, good for one year) (197.3 KB)
 Permit application: dance permit, annual, renewal (196.4 KB)
 Permit application: dance permit, one-time special event (181.6 KB)
 Permit Application: ice cream vendor first-time application (84.2 KB)
 Permit application: massage therapist, first time application, good for two years (189.5 KB)
 Permit Application: taxi cab driver (85 KB)
 Permit application: taxi cab driver annual renewal (83.8 KB)
 Permit instructions: massage therapist (21.1 KB)
 Permit instructions: ice cream vendor (18.9 KB)
 Permit instructions: taxi cab driver (20.8 KB)
 Police beat map (276.6 KB)
 Request for K-9 Demonstrations (139.3 KB)
 Ride along application (24.1 KB)
 Rotation Tow Listing Application (86.3 KB)
 RPD 12 Loss Prevention Report (2.21 MB)
 RPD 22 Massage Permit RENEWAL (179.7 KB)
 RPD 64 Merchant Parking Permit Application (211.8 KB)
 Sentenced Prisoner Program Imprisonment Conditions Form (44.4 KB)
 Sentenced Prisoner Program Medical Screening Form (680.8 KB)
 Sentenced Prisoner Program: application (681.9 KB)
 Sentenced Prisoner Program--General Information (476.2 KB)
 Shop with a Cop (143 KB)
 Solicitation ordinance (15.6 KB)
 Storage Hearing Request (11.3 KB)
 Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Agreement (155.7 KB)
 Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Information (25.9 KB)
 Vacation House Check Request (759.6 KB)
 Youth Services (72.2 KB)
 Youth: Police Explorer Application (1.86 MB)


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