Watering days shift to two days per week

Updated September 02, 2021
Watering days shift to two days per week

Watering days have shifted from three days to two days per week to manage ongoing drought conditions. The new schedule lasts until October 31.

Residential customers can water on Mondays and Fridays. Commercial customers can water on Mondays and Thursdays. Customers using drip irrigation are not subject to watering days.

Tips to consider when irrigating your landscapes:

  • Use the cycle and soak method by watering in short intervals multiple times per day. It not only reduces runoff on your property but it encourages roots to grow deeper. Use this calculator tool to determine how much water your landscape needs.

  • Determine if your landscapes need water by using a moisture meter or doing the “screwdriver test.” The moisture meter can be inserted into the soil and will tell you if watering is needed. With the screwdriver test, you can stick an eight-inch screwdriver into the ground. If you can push it more than three inches into the ground, you don’t need water.

  • Add or reapply mulch to your landscapes. Like icing on a cake, it locks in the soil moisture, an essential soil management strategy to keep your landscapes thriving.

For more information about watering days or programs to be water-wise, visit Roseville.ca.us/drought

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