Santa's visits thrilled the community!

Updated December 19, 2018
Santa's visits thrilled the community!
Santa and his crew recently visited eight neighborhoods across Roseville. This trip has become a staple of the holiday season in our community. Children and parents lined the streets as Santa’s mini parade passed his waving and cheering fans.

Santa riding the Spirit of Roseville

When Santa is flying with around with his reindeer, he may not need much assistance. But when he visits Roseville, City employees are ready to help lead the way.

City Employees help in his quest to explore the streets of Roseville

The community participation was amazing. Families visited Santa’s webpage more than 24,000 times to make sure they knew when the bearded gentleman was visiting their neighborhood.

Santa stops to chat twith the children and families

Neighborhood Santa continues to be a fun way for us to bring some holiday spirit to the community. 88 City volunteers volunteered many hours to prepare the floats and deliver the visits. 30 miles of neighborhood streets were covered in eight separate routes. Each route had six elves, one fire engine driver, three police officers, and one float driver.

Santa with children

The reward to the City workers was summarized in an email sent Santa’s helpers from a community member:

“To whom it may concern
I just want to thank whoever was in charge and volunteering for neighborhood Santa. Santa went right past our house last night and it was such a treat and joy. My entire family was so grateful to see him and all the volunteers who gave out candy canes. What an adventure! We are new to the community and what a welcome we felt with that. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!
Keep smilen
Jamie Cook

Thank you Roseville for embracing a tradition that we enjoy as much as you.
- Santa’s Helpers

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