Local bus route changes during the Holiday Parade

Updated November 01, 2018

UPDATED: Saturday, Dec. 15 
Until 1 p.m.

Roseville Transit Local Routes A, B, D, and L will be affected by downtown street closures during the Holiday Parade.

The Civic Center Transfer Point will be closed until 1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 15. Closed bus stops will be marked with signs.  

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>  Routes A and B:
The Civic Center Transfer Point and Vernon Street and Atlantic Street stops will be closed.

Routes A and B will deviate to serve stops on Harding and Douglas. 

>  Route L:
Route L will deviate from the Sierra Gardens Transfer Point, serving only the west side of Harding Boulevard.

Stops on Douglas will not be served by Route L, but will be served by Routes A and B.

The Downtown Library stop will be closed.  

>  Routes D:
Route D will deviate to the Roseville Amtrak Station. 

Route D connects to other routes via Route M on Pleasant Grove before Foothills. 

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