Goats are baaaaack

Updated June 25, 2018
Hundreds of goats have been called in to assist in clearing underbrush in several open space areas. The goat's mission is to eat dry grass and invasive plants to improve thatch control and reduce fire risks. 

The goats can eat up to an acre of vegetation a day and are accompanied by a dog and goat herder. The dog and herder are there to keep the goats moving and ensure safety. There are also temporary electric fences in place to keep the goats in the area so if you visit, be sure not to touch the fence or you'll be in for a shock.

If you are looking for the goats, we are happy to announce that Goat Tracker is back. Goats are only visiting areas were there is dedicated funding, such as a Community Facility District (CFD), to cover the costs. In areas where there is not dedicated funding, we will be installing thirty-foot firebreaks as required by Roseville Municipal Code.

If you are viewing on a mobile device, the goat tracker is best viewed on this link.