Community Priorities Advisory Committee prioritized discretionary services provided by the Roseville Fire Department

Updated November 29, 2017
As part of the EngageRoseville effort, the Community Priorities Advisory Committee (CPAC) prioritized discretionary services provided by the Roseville Fire Department.

Discretionary services are those not mandated by law or tied to customer revenue, grant funding, designated fees, or other sources that can only be used on certain expenditures.

You can listen to Fire Chief Bartee describe those services in our podcast series, Roseville Connections.

The CPAC will refine this preliminary list when it compiles a master list of recommendations prioritizing the discretionary services provided by all of the five largest General Fund departments: Public Works; Police; Fire; Parks, Recreation & Libraries; and Development Services when the departmental presentations are completed in January.

A FlashVote poll will give the broader community a chance to rank Police services as well. Participants don’t have to live in Roseville to weigh in. People who work, shop, and visit our community can also have their voice heard by registering for FlashVote using this link:

Service Highest Priority Lowest Priority Net
FO1. FIRE OPERATIONS: Fire Response including Wildland* 13 0 13
FO4. FIRE OPERATIONS: Technical Rescue Response* 12 0 12
FO3. FIRE OPERATIONS: Hazardous Materials Response* 10 0 10
FA1. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Office of the Fire Chief and Administrative Staff Responsible For Overall Management Of The Department* 9 -1 8
FO8. FIRE OPERATIONS: Terrorism Liaison Officers and Joint Terrorism Task Force* 8 0 8
FT1. FIRE TRAINING: Curriculum Development and Delivery of Department Wide Training* 9 -2 7
FO2. FIRE OPERATIONS: Fire Based EMS Response* 7 -2 5
FO5. FIRE OPERATIONS: State and Federal Mutual Aid Disaster Response* 6 -1 5
FSS5. FIRE SUPPORT SERVICES: Computer Aided Dispatch Management and Dispatch Liaison* 5 0 5
FT2. FIRE TRAINING: Management of the Fire Training Center* 5 -1 4
EP2. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: City-Wide Emergency Preparedness and Training 4 0 4
EP1. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Coordination of City’s Response to Emergency Incidents and Planned Events, and Large Scale Disasters Within the City 4 -1 3
EP3. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Management of the City’s Emergency Operations Center 4 -1 3
FLS4. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Arson Investigation Program* 3 0 3
FSS2. FIRE SUPPORT SERVICES: Purchasing and Maintenance of Equipment* 4 -2 2
FA5. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Internal/External Communications* 2 0 2
FO6. FIRE OPERATIONS: Company Inspections* 2 0 2
FSS4. FIRE SUPPORT SERVICES: Apparatus Support* 2 0 2
FSS1. FIRE SUPPORT SERVICES: Logistical Needs of the Department* 2 -1 1
FLS1. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Fire Inspection Program* 1 0 1
FLS3. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Code Enforcement, Plan Review, & New Construction Inspections* 2 -2 0
FSS8. FIRE SUPPORT SERVICES: Data Analytics* 0 0 0
FLS9. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Volunteer Program 1 -3 -2
FA4. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Department Policy* 0 -2 -2
FO9. FIRE OPERATIONS: SWAT Medic Program 0 -2 -2
FLS2. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: CUPA Inspection Program* 2 -5 -3
FT3. FIRE TRAINING: Sierra College Regional Fire Training Academy Partnership 1 -4 -3
FA7. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Internal / External Communication & Transparency* 0 -3 -3
FA9. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Financial Management – Budget, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Grant Administration, Accreditation Management, Operational Statistics* 0 -3 -3
FSS6. FIRE SUPPORT SERVICES: Fire Records Management* 0 -3 -3
FA3. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: City Council* 0 -4 -4
FA6. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Payroll, Department Staffing Management (Telestaff System)* 0 -4 -4
FT5. FIRE TRAINING: Liaison with State and Local Emergency Medical Authority* 0 -4 -4
FT4. FIRE TRAINING: Management of all Required Licenses* 0 -5 -5
FA2. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Community Engagement* 0 -6 -6
FA8. FIRE ADMINISTRATION: Department Personnel Management – Department HR Function, Recruitments/Hiring, Benefits, Evaluation System, Discipline Support* 0 -6 -6
FO7. FIRE OPERATIONS: Public Education and Outreach* 0 -7 -7
FSS3. FIRE SUPPORT SERVICES: Facilities Support* 0 -9 -9
FLS6. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Weed Abatement Enforcement 0 -9 -9
FLS7. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Public Education School Programs and Outreach 0 -9 -9
FLS5. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays 0 -11 -11
FLS8. FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY: Buckle Up Baby & Life Jacket Programs 0 -13 -13