City's Annual Employee Giving Campaign

City of Roseville employees demonstrate generosity in taking care of the community and its members by donating and volunteering to support the community.  The REACH (Roseville Employees Annual Chairitable Hearts) Campaign began in 2002.  Since then, employees have donated over $1.2 million dollars to give back to the community for which they support. 

This year’s theme — “Reaching out and changing pledge at a time” — demonstrates the strength in numbers when trying to achieve a particular goal.   Local businesses and community members can participate by making a donation to REACH. 

These funds are awarded in community grants each year by the Roseville Grants Advisory Commission benefiting youth, seniors and families in South Placer County.  To date, REACH has provided 119 grants totaling over $475,000.

Individuals can make a difference, there’s no doubt about it. But, individuals coming together for the same cause creates a much greater impact than someone acting alone. person’s pledge, combined with another, and then another and another. The result is an amount that truly makes an impact in our community for our non-profit organizations.

To find out how you can join city employees, local businesses and community members in changing lives, visit our Community Giving website to make a pledge today.

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