Questions about an alarm permit reminder or false alarm bill?

Have you received a notice from the Roseville False Alarm Reduction Program to renew your burglary or robbery alarm for the year, or to pay an excessive false alarm fee?  If you have, and the notice asks you to apply for or renew a permit online at , or asks you to mail a payment to P.O. Box 749879 in Los Angeles, then this is a valid reminder or bill on behalf of the City of Roseville.

The City of Roseville updated its alarm ordinance last year.   We now require annual updates of alarm permits for a $5 per year fee.  These updates help us ensure the police department has current information about your home or business, and current emergency contact information if we need to reach someone after hours regarding an alarm activation.

We've contracted with an outside company, Crywolf, to handle the administration of alarm permits and excessive false alarm fines.  They collect payments at a post office box in Los Angeles, but those payments are routed appropriately to the City of Roseville.

For more information, to review the City's updated alarm ordinance or to get more information about how to use your alarm system well, go to the police department's page at and click on "alarms" in the top lefthand corner.